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Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine to Assist with Fertility

Studies have shown that Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which includes acupuncture, positively influence the outcome in male and female fertility disorders.

In 2002, a German study showed that acupuncture before and after IVF increased successful outcomes by 50% in the treatment group, compared to the control group that only received IVF. http://www.fertstert.org/article/S0015-0282(01)03273-3/fulltext

Other studies have shown acupuncture increases uterine arterial blood flow affecting endometrial thickness and possibly even implantation.

Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture treatments aim to balance the body’s systems i.e. to replenish areas which are deficient or weak, reduce areas which are in excess or over-acting, moisten areas which are too dry and dry those that are too damp and to balance Yin and Yang energies.

Herbs may act on any phase of the menstrual cycle, they assist in correcting the production of progesterone and oestrogen, regulate the secretion of ovulatory mucous and stimulate the uterus and ovaries. Chinese herbs are designed to assist the body to produce the correct amounts of hormones on its own. Chinese herbs act on the endocrine system by stimulating the production of hormones via the hypothalamus, they regulate the rate of hormone metabolism and change hormone receptor responses. Herbal medicines may do little when given alone but when combined into a formula their effectiveness is greatly increased.

Some common infertility disorders treated with TCM:
  • Endometriosis – More info >
  • Painful Periods
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome – More info >
  • Too high FSH levels
  • Unexplained Infertility
  • Poor Sperm Morphology and Motility

If you are undergoing IVF and want to combine it with acupuncture treatments, it is best to start the acupuncture about 1 cycle before. You should have acupuncture about once a week for one month before egg retrieval, the day of egg retrieval and then on the day of or the day after embryo transfer.

However it is never too late to use acupuncture and if you are reading this while busy with your IVF cycle, you can still benefit from any amount of acupuncture treatments.
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